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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last day of my semester break!

Argh...I'm going to be a year 2 college student tomorrow onwards. Why time suddenly pass by so fast? I seem like getting old so fast! I really don't want to be 20 years old so fast.Ish...

Actually I felt quite bored for this semester break. On this semester break, I just work on weekends for HSBC bank. Most of the days I was staying at home and nearly bored to death. =/ I really can't imagine how did I pass those boring days. I feel so lifeless when I stayed at home and stared my laptop for the whole day. Argh....suddenly I miss my busy life although it is extremely tiring. But at least I won't feel like my brain stops functioning. I feel like I didn't use my brain for the whole semester break. =.=

Although this semester break is the most boring semester I ever had but I went to several places with my friends that I wish to go for a long time and I really have a very great moment when I be with them. I finally stepped in Sunset Bistro with Yee Theng and Jerome! xD I quite love the environment over there because it is special but I'm disappointed with the drinks over there. Maybe next time I should just drink their beers. I still remembered a slogan that we saw on their menu - " save water, drink beers"..lol..

Besides, I finally get to meet with Wenc after a long long period of waiting. Actually she came to Penang to attend a seminar that organised by the JCI in disted -" Grooming for success". I didn't get to attend that seminar because I need to work on that Saturday. Wenc came Gurney and met up with me after that seminar. xD Finally! LOL. Last Monday, we (Aisling, Ah Phang, Jerome, Calvin, Yee Theng, Wenc, Pig and I) went Redbox! I was lost control on that day in Redbox after received someone phone call! OMG! Until now I still can't accept what I have did! Gosh! I'm not going to mention what actually happened again! I can't accept!! After that we went movie - Furry Vengeance. An extremely funny movie! But a bit disgusting =.="

And now I have a BIG BIG news that going to tell all of you! I finally can tell others - " I went Auto City before!" xD lol.. Last Friday, Calvin fetched Yee Theng, Jerome and I to Butterworth. We met up with Wenc at Sunway and we watched Ipman2 over there. Great movie again! I love it!

Thanks to all my lovely friends for giving a great and fabulous sem break. If not, I can't really imagine how my sem break life would be. Love you all =D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I was working last Saturday and Sunday. Actually I won't feel scared for being the first day to work anymore. Maybe I was already used to it. Since after SPM until now, I think I experienced a lot of part time jobs. I didn't feel any kind of nervous anymore. In fact, no matter what situation I have faced in my job, I think I can still handle them. Maybe my friend was right, any situation that I have met while I was working will be a great experience for myself. Maybe next time I will know how to handle those problems in a better way. Human always learns from mistakes. right?

Something has ruined me up these few days. Feel like wanna shout as loud as I can. Feel like wanna cry as hard as I can. Sometimes I hate myself for messing up all the things around me. I hate things turned out to be complicated. I hate myself for being out of control.I can't make my decision! I ruined other's life! I don't want that to be happened! But I don't know what should I do..I just don't want to mess up someone's life. The only word that I had it in my mind is GUILTY!!!!

Today, I think I has made up my mind about some other things. I knew what's the problems between us but I find no way to solve them. I don't want myself to regret again! I don't want to think of all those problems again. From today onwards, you will still be one of the best friend of mine that I don't wanna loss. That's all! I hope myself can stand on my own view and won't be influenced by others until the end.

Actually I had a great day with Yee Theng and Jerome today. We watched "When In Rome" at Gurney. I really love this kind of movies. I will feel happy and relax when I watch this kind of movies. We ate Sushi King after movie. Although just a short period of outing but thanks to you guys. I have had a great day =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3rd Sem Break Started!

Today was my last day of having exam. Actually I just got two papers on this 3rd semester -- Webpage Design and English For Science. But I knew myself didn't did well in this semester.What's the reason? You are right! My laziness leads me to the bad results. =/

I'm guilty. Especially after yesterday when I have had dinner with my family then I told my dad and mom that maybe my results on this semester will be worse than last semester. They didn't scold me and didn't say bad things to me. Just ask me don't force myself too much. Can pass is good enough. At that moment, I was totally speechless and feel like OH MY GOSH! Feel like going to kill myself!!!

Sigh...I don't know how to describe my feelings at that moment. I just don't wanna disappointed my family. I don't want the result that only can make me pass. I need result which can help me to get scholarship! Nothing other than that!

Okay fine. Is no point to think so much again! I will work harder next semester.

My holidays started! But I don't feel happy at all. Gonna work for the next five weekends. Feel quite lazy. Yea..gosh! Laziness again!!! How come I born to be so lazy? =/ Arghh...Okay fine, I just don't wanna waste my sem break like this. Gonna find something to do. ==

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupid Laziness!

Semester 3 started few weeks ago but I'm being more lazy.
I don't know what to do with myself.
I really don't have eyes to see myself if I keep on being like that.
Always online!
Always hang out and play!
Always online games!
Arghh...pek chek with myself!
When only will I feel nervous for the exam that is coming soon?
When only I willing to put effort on my studies?
Feel like going to kill myself because of my stupid laziness!

Melissa Tan!
Please work hard a bit on your studies!
Or else you will need to pay for resit!
WAKE UP!!!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Miraku @ G-hotel

Gathering with Sooh Ling, Ling Hwee and Koh Ee.( 21 Feb 2010)

Koh Ee and Shu Ling came my house and met up with me first. Planned to sit Sooh Ling's car actually but Ling Hwee said she wanna drive because she don't dare to sit Sooh Ling's car! LOL! I'm really curious about Sooh Ling's driving skill! How come will Ling Hwee don't dare to sit her car again! xD Gonna find a chance to ask Sooh Ling to fetch me out! xD

After get in to Ling Hwee's car, we still failed to decide where to go. swt us! Finally we just went to Gurney and walked around. Then we all decided to go Miraku for our gathering dinner under suggestion of Sooh Ling. The food is really great!!! I love it but quite expensive. Four of us spent RM204 for our dinner. LOL! But we really enjoyed it!

There are some pictures of the food. I didn't get to take all the food that we ordered beacuse all of us are too busy eating all those delicious food. xD

(My favourite GREEN TEA ice cream!!! The best green tea ice cream I ever eat.)

(Big Sushi! really delicious than Sushi King and Sakea!)

(Beef with alcohol taste? btw quite delicious..)

(My rice. =D)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Second Semester Break

My second semester break was much more better than my first semester break. Besides the 11 days that I worked in Sunshine city as a promoter and I nearly bored to death over there, I almost hang out with my friends everyday. I did met up with many of my secondary school's friends. OMG! I really miss them a lot! They make me feel like wanna going back to my secondary school life. It's a lot of funs! I miss 5s2! I miss CDK! xD But not the "bak geh cheng" and Miss Ling. yucks! ewwww. *vomit* The only bad memory that I hv in cdk. =_____=

Gathering with Ah Sin and Lao Zhao...(17 Feb 2010)
Didn't meet up with them almost several months already. Really miss them a lot. Now really hard to meet up with them although they still in Penang. =_____= Two of them are studying form 6 now. Sumore almost tuition for everyday. When they free or holidays, it will be my turn to be busy. Mostly is because of assignment,test or final exam. haiz... Sometimes really feel like wanna study form 6 together with them.. T____T Opps...That day accidentally meet up with Shu Wei, Chai Ling and Sze Pei at Gurney. xD

(This pic was took by Ah Sin. When I fetched her passed by the G hotel. Really cute! xD)
(Me and Ah Sin)
One of my best best friends. xD
(Lol. Ah Sin was enjoying her Iced Lemon Tea at Nandos.)
(Me and Lao Zhao)
Another best best friend of mine since secondary school.
(My Iced Lemon Tea...xD)
(This is mine one but not really delicious. == Nandos in Gurney not as good as Queensbay ones. No matter is their food or service. Quite bad. Won't step in this restaurant for the second time d.)
(This is Ah Sin ones.)

Gathering with Shi Jie, Poh Gaik, Jia Zhen, Brenda, Lao Zhao, Hui Ling, Phaik Ean and Sook Yong..(18 Feb 2010)
Actually I only planned to meet up with Shi Jie before she goes back to KL. I think two of us almost 1 year didn't meet up with each other already. And this cny, we planned to have a gathering. Surprisingly, I also met up with many of my old classmates and schoolmates. Some of them did changed a lot. Become leng lui jor. xD
(I and Shi Jie)
(Poh Gaik and I)

(Sook Yong and I)

Hang out with Tha..(19 Feb 2010)
Long time didn't hang out with Tha already. We went Queensbay! weee. I went her house and fetched her. I did a stupid thing at Queensbay. Nearly walk into guy's toilet. =____= omg! damn sia suey...zzz. =/ Never do that again!!! arghh... But that day I accidentally meet up with Joo Tiew and Lina. All become leng lui jor.. I realised although I already met up with many of my old friends but still have many that I didn't have the chance to meet up with them yet. Need to wait for another holidays again. T_____T
(Tha and I with my cute spongebob. xD)
(Tha and I again)
My cousin.
The lamest and the cutest one. xD

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reunion Dinner.

Yesterday my dad brought us to my grandma's house about 6pm. My mom and I were helping my grandma in the kicthen. Actually I don't know what I can help also. LOL. Just took picture of them when they were busying around. xD But I'm not kacau-ing them. I helped them to serve the food to the outside's table.

Some of my relatives came back from Singapore to have reunion dinner with us. But I didn't eat much because of my stupid gastric! ishhh!><

This is my handsome cousin. I love him so much! He is extremely cute. Hmm...What's he doing ? xD

Actually I quite miss the moment that last time all of us were living together at my grandma's house. Although sometimes will quarrel and fighting around with my cousins but we still have a lot of happy memories. Playing those stupid games with each other. Chasing around. What a great childhood life I have. OMG! I wanna back to last time!!! I miss the life I had last time!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines day

Planned to watch morning's Valentines day with Pig and Aisling. But they were late.=_______= When they reached Gurney is already 12 something. So we changed to 2pm ones. But unfortunately, only Aisling and I watched this movie because Pig was sick. Aisling drove Pig and I back to get her own car, then she drove me to Gurney again. And there was seriously traffic jam on the road!!! Yea...we were late finally "again". Really rushing around. zzZZ. But the movie is really funny. Taylor Swift a bit "sampat" inside the movie but I still love her.haha.. xD

We went Sakae Sushi after movie. This is the second time I went there. I love the Green Tea!!! Actually recently I really seriously addicted to Green Tea. I also don't know why. Don't ask me. =_____= Just love it without any reason. xD

See that uncle and aunty? They are sooo cooool!!!!! I love their couple zebra wear!!! xD We saw that when we were sitting in the food court in Gurney. LOL. Do you want to wear like that with your bf? xD

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My holidays starts

27th of January, LAST DAY OF MY EXAM. 28th of January suppose to be enjoy my holidays but I'm forced to work at Sunshine city as a promoter. Really didn't have time to rest and even didn't get to enjoy one day of my holidays. =( My nightmares starts!! OMG! There was no customer at all sometimes. I was just like other promoters over there, standing there but doing nothing. Extremely sleepy! Bored to death. =____= But I knew some new friends over there. One of them is a "leng lui". xD Hmm..but I talked more to Malay I think. Not bad, can practise to speak Malay huh? =____=

Last Sunday (7th of Jan) was my last day to work in Sunshine City. xD Finally I can enjoy my holidays!!! My life still keep on to be so busy. =D Monday went Gurney with Yee Theng and Calvin. Planned to buy clothes but I didn't see any nice clothes that I like. Tuesday went Queensbay mall. Bought two clothes from ELLE which only cost about RM100++. xD Just now I went Prangin with my mom. She bought a new shoe again.=____= Planned to buy slipper but I fail to find the one I like. Sigh..want to find a slipper also difficult. =( Feel like want to go to Queensbay mall again. Arghh!!! I need slipper!!!!!

Friday, February 05, 2010


Listening "Nobody knows it but me". A song that I will always listen when I'm not in mood. I'm trying to write out what I'm thinking now but I fail to do that. The first time I don't know how to write the things that I was thinking in my mind. I just feel like want to cry hardly. My mood just same like the title of the song - Nobody knows it but me.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Suddenly emo after finished watching few episodes of Hong Kong drama. Actually not because of that drama. I just think of something that happened around me recently. The relationship among human beings is really complicated. How come it just can't be a little bit more simple? Or because we always think too much, make those easy things become complicated and hard to understand?

I started work since my final exam ends and my semester break starts. I'm still the same, everyday busy busy busy even my sem break. Feel like not enough time for me to rest my mind. Actually I'm really tired. =( Can I refuse to work? Although that day I was thinking to find a job at Gurney which sell children's clothes. I think I will be more happy than now if I work over there because I don't need to tell others how good my product was but actually I never try it before. But to promote my company's product is my job. I have no choice. This is my responsibility.

I never feel happy since I work. Everyday boring like hell and sometimes I'm forced to lie! This is the thing that I hate the most! I don't like to lie! I hate that kind of feelings..Now what I wish is the time can pass by faster. Then I can stop to work and really spent more time with my family and friends. I just feel like wanna have a rest. How come my life everyday so busy? Before semester break, everyday busy with my studies, tests, assignment and exam. Semester break now but everyday work. =( Tomorrow summore need to work until 12am...=( My legs really pain d.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last day for my second sem

Final exam is over. Tomorrow will be the first day of my semester break. But nothing for me to feel happy for. I will be going to work tomorrow. =( Didn't get to enjoy even one day of my holiday. I feel so tired and lazy. Can I just ignore it? Sigh..okay..I knew that is totally impossible. The first time I didn't feel happy at all when I know that I got a part time job.

I'm really disappointed actually. I think I will get a very bad results for this semester. I don't have the confidence at all. Maybe I will just get an A for my Account. Quite worry about my Programming and Information System. I feel quite upset today. Didn't have enough time to finish my Statistic paper.=( The second paper that I didn't have enough time to finish it after my English paper.

Just now went dinner with my family. I told my dad that maybe I will have a very bad results for second semester. He didn't scold me like last time when I was in secondary school but just said:" Never mind, just work harder next time. At least you don't fail any subjects then everything will be fine." I don't know how to express my feelings at the moment. Feel like want to cry in front of him. I feel so sorry that I didn't work hard enough.

When only I can change my attitude? How come I always regret after doing something? Sigh...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am really disappointed with my final exam.
Although I got all A for the coursework of all the subjects.
I knew if I work harder on it, sure I will get A for every subjects very easily.
But unfortunately, I knew that I'm not hardworking enough.
No other excuses. Just not hardworking enough.
Although I just need to take 5 subjects for my second semester but I don't know why I'm feeling more stress compared to my first semester.
I cried before my programming written test.
I cried when I was rushing my assignment.
The very first time I almost didn't sleep for two days to rush my assignment.
Everything just stress me out.
I don't know why I become like that.
Maybe, I just don't want to disappoint my parent..my family.
Today my dad brought us to dinner.
Really having a very long time I didn't have my dinner with my family.
My mom mentioned about the scholarship again.
She asked me to put more effort on my study so that I can get the scholarship for my advanced diploma.
Don't know why suddenly I feel so stress.
Maybe I scared I can't reach what she expected.
Sometimes I did very envy my friends who got 10 or 11As in the SPM.
And I quite regret that I didn't work hard for my SPM.
My dad and mom were working hard to pay for my college tuition fees.
Sometimes I regret that I didn't work hard to get good results in SPM.
If I got the good results, now I can apply scholarship and my mom and dad don't need to suffer so much about me.
So I know I should work more hard to get the scholarship for advanced diploma.
At least my parent don't need to suffer so much about me.
I knew that I "need" to get good results but not " want".
I just don't want to disappoint my parent.
Just done my Programming, Information System, English and Account paper.
Now just left my Statistic paper need to be done.
The last paper that I need to work hard for this semester.
At least I wish my Statistic can get an A.
Then I will start to work for my whole sem break. maybe? =/

Monday, December 28, 2009

5s2 gathering

After graduate from my secondary school about one year, this was the first gathering of 5s2.
Some of them did changed a lot but some of them are not.
I miss the moment that we spent together.
Sometimes I wish I could own a time machine which can bring me back to the past.
Study and play together with all of you.
5s2, I really miss you all.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Happy Momories

Almost didn't update my blog for a month.
My life is still busy like usual.
But I have a lot of happy memories in this month.
21-11-09 : Study in Starbucks
(The following 4 pictures are grabbed from pig's blog. 3 of us with nonsense drawn by 3 of us.)

Went Starbucks study with Theng and pig.
The second time I ordered Chocolate Cream Chips.
My favourite drinks in Starbucks.
Pig was studying for her final exam.
Theng and I were studying for our test.
That feeling makes me think of the moment we study together before SPM.
I'm so miss my life of the secondary school.
I miss the moment that we spent together in class everyday.
Now pig is studying in Disted.
Theng and me are studying in TARC.
Three of us were taking difference subjects.
Although can't be classmates anymore.
But somestimes I'm really happy that we still can always meet up with each other and hang out for fun together.
The most important friends for me.
Really thank god for giving me friends like you two. =D


27-11-09: Harvest Inn -> Hard Rock Hotel -> Esplanate
Spaghetti ordered by Pig.
Black peper chickedn ordered by me.
Fish and Chip ordered by jw.
Soup of the day(Mushroom sup) ordered by wy.
The day before I didn't slept for the whole night because of the Programming assignment.
Then the second day I asked Mr.jw to fetch me to college cos I don't think that I can drive after didn't sleep for the whole night.
I went to Pei and Han's hostel to finish up the report then we rushed to JE to print our assignment.
End up, we just went to college to hand up the assignment to the lecturer but we skipped for two classes.
After that we went to canteen to have our brunch. ><
But I didn't eat anything cos I hate canteen's food. =___=
Suddenly I received sms from the Pig.
She said she is hungry and want to find someone to eat with her.
End up, I had my brunch with her, jw and wy at Harvest Inn.
The second time I went there.

I threw lemon into jw's nescafe. xD
Dunno what's wrong with that pig..so stim eh face..
After that wy took me and jw went to HARD ROCK HOTEL!!!
The very first time I went there.
Unfortunately, Pig was not following us.
She said she wanted to sleep.=____= really become pig already.
Pics that we took in Hard Rock..

Before we went home, wy said she's hungry.Then we went to esplanate to eat mee goreng.But only wy eat the mee goreng.I found out that the "coconut milk shake" over there is really nice. =D I want to go there to try the mee goreng once next time..